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You’re here because you want to become an official Dealer of the country’s #1 online skin care products brand.

How does this work?

Fairness & Flawless Dealers operate under an Exclusive Area Distributor. All orders and transactions of the Dealer will be coursed through their assigned distributor. In most cases, distributors are available per area with a distributor's hub wherein you may pick up your products/orders for convenience. But since this structure has been fairly new, we currently have 5 Exclusive Area Distributors managing different parts of the country. We look forward to growing this number for more convenient transactions for all our Dealers and Resellers.

Worry not, even though you will be assigned to an Exclusive Area Distributor, you will still have access to our latest updates, news and contests through an exclusive Dealer and Reseller group managed by the Head Office. In case of any problems, we will guide you accordingly.

Dealers will only order from their Exclusive Area Distributors and not from the head office. 35% discount will be automatically implemented right then and there. All perks of your Dealership are listed below:


  • Lifetime Dealership
  • 35% discount on all Fairness & Flawless merchandise
  • No minimum purchase amount on succeeding orders
  • Exclusive Dealer promotions*
  • Endless earning opportunities
  • Exclusive Dealer product sampling*
  • Eligibility to acquire resellers
  • Client and reselling applicant referrals*
*care of the Exclusive Area Distributor (EAD)

Can I have Resellers?

Absolutely! Dealers are encouraged to acquire their own resellers who will then sell Fairness & Flawless products. These resellers will be binded to you as their Dealer and will order from you at all costs -- under the supervision of the EAD.

Exclusive Area Distributors can also acquire Resellers but we encourage them to pass on Resellers to Active Dealers in the area.

Resellers get 20% discount on all Fairness & Flawless products which leaves the Dealer with an automatic 15% margin. You may acquire Resellers from all over the globe. Area monopoly is not an issue. Only EADs have terms and conditions related to geographical scopes.

Where do I sell my products?

Dealers may sell their products anywhere. Online, friends, relatives, work place -- all over the globe!

Do I have a monthly quota?

A monthly quota of Php 10,000 will start on your second month. Zero purchase for 1 month will revoke you of your Dealership rights. A purchase below quota will mean automatic inactivity. Inactivity will prohibit client and reseller referrals c/o EAD. 3 months of Inactivity will revoke you of your Dealership rights.

Dealership validity

Your Dealership is good for a lifetime as long as terms, conditions and requirements are met accordingly.

DP 1.293 DP 2.851

Please choose your package

If you chose the Customized Package, please use the space below to list down your choice of products.

For Custom Package only

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Upon submission of your application, it will only take us 48 hours to process this and endorse you over to your Exclusive Area Distributor. Your assigned Exclusive Area Distributor will get in touch with you and the transaction shall then be coursed through them. You may choose to have your package shipped, picked up or you may negotiate a meet-up within a convenient area.

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This form is directly submitted to the head office for assignment to the managing Exclusive Area Distributor. We will be sending you acknowledgment, confirmation and endorsement through your e-mail.