False Organic Claims on the Rise: How to Steer Clear of Deceptive Advertising

False Organic Claims on the Rise: How to Steer Clear of Deceptive Advertising


False Organic Claims on the Rise: How to Steer Clear of Deceptive Advertising

by Aira Krystel Pamintuan


Listen up folks! There’s a huge fake-a-demic going on, concerning a bunch of not-so-natural skincare products out on the market. More and more cosmetic brands are blatantly placing “organic” labels on their products, without any actual organic ingredients to back up their claim!

So the question is, how natural are the products you pay a hefty price for?

If you think you’ve been misled by false organic claims, keep reading as F&F helps you spot the fake and steer clear of false advertisements. The deception ends now!


F&F Tips for Choosing Skin Care Products

 1. Study the labels

If you want to be sure your products are organic, you have to do the dirty work – Read and understand everything written on product labels. Before you buy your next “organic” lipstick, be your own detective. The evidence can easily be found in the product’s list of ingredients.

2. Research, research, research!

As a consumer, you have a right to know what’s in your product.  Start getting to know your skincare products on a personal level by doing some online research.

If a list of ingredients is not clearly labeled on the product itself, contact the company directly and make it a point to find out. It’s your skin, after all!

Once you’ve become familiar with the ingredients listed, you might be surprised to find out how un-organic your favorite skincare products are.


  1. Don’t be Greenwashed.

Greenwashing happens when a brand falsely labels a product as organic, and customers, fooled by the organic claim, agree to buy the product at a higher price. How to avoid being greenwashed? Be wise when purchasing your skincare products:

  • Don’t believe any organic claim without the necessary proof.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Don’t fall for the organic hype.


Be Good to Your Skin

As a skincare brand, F&F believes in honesty first.  False labeling and false advertising is unethical, shameful, and just plain wrong.

We encourage customers to know the product before buying, and know the ingredients before applying.

So before you purchase your next skincare product, ask yourself: Is it really worth it?

Because your skin deserves better.









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