Powerhouse soaps

Product name Size/Net wt. Brief description SRP
Black Collagen 100 g Anti-aging, skin tightening and mild whitening ₱128.00
Chocolate Bleaching 100 g Intense whitening through bleaching ₱128.00
Glutathione, Kojic and Milk (GKMS) 100 g Whitening, moisturizing with gentle exfoliation ₱128.00
Kojic Yellow 100 g Whitening for non-sensitive skin ₱128.00
Mango 100 g Intensive whitening via fruit actives ₱128.00
Noni 100 g Anti-acne for all skin types ₱128.00
Seaweed 100 g Slimming and Anti-stretch mark ₱128.00

Special soap

L’amour (Love soap) 100 g Instant whitening love soap ₱150.00


Product name For Brief description SRP
Prima Light Facial kit Face Level one ₱499.00
Prima Renew Facial kit Face Level two ₱599.00


Product name Size/Net Wt. Brief description SRP
Sgt. At Arms 50 ml Fruit distilled whitening deo spray ₱139.00
Shine Brighter 100 ml Instant illuminating lotion ₱250
Get even brighter 100 g Powder bleaching scrub ₱350.00
Gel-a-thin 100 ml Sliming and sculpting body gel ₱305.00
Irre-C-stable 30 ml Advanced Vit. C. E. and collagen serum ₱450.00
In-Vein-sible 70 g Varicose vein gel ₱550.00
Perfect Solutions 20 g All-in-one day cream SPF 100 ₱399
Hello, Sunshine SPF 100 50 ml Water resistant sunblock lotion with instant white effect SPF 100 ₱600.00


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