Why do I get acne?

Why do I get acne?

Why do I get acne?


You must be asking yourself “why?” while contemplating everything you’ve done in your life. Have you done something that caused you this karma?

Physical attractiveness is such a huge factor in life. It pays to be looking decent to get your first job. Even the tiniest festives such as getting the attention of the one you admire requires this aspect. So, why is mother earth cursing me? Why won’t this acne go away? Why won’t this acne go away?

1. Cleanliness mean nothing to you.

A trip to the faucet to wash your hands is simply too tiring for you. Remember, all the dirt in your hands accumulates in all parts of your body, including your face! So get up and lather with your most trusted facial cleanser.

2. You use comedogenic cosmetics.

Too much make up tends to aggravate the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in your pores. This clogged pores are the first stage of acne. The heavier and oilier your make up is, the more prone you are to breakouts. Give your skin a break.

3. You’re stressed.

When you’re stressed, it shows on your skin. Studies link stressors with the severity of acne. Relax.

4. Junk food. Sweets. Fried everything.

Avoid greasy food. Although the effects might be little, still it helps to pay attention to what you eat. Go for greens and fruits. Not only will they keep your diet balanced, they’re packed with anti-oxidants to give your skin that bloomy boost!

5. You hate water.

The more water you drink, the healthier your skin is. Drink up!


Pimples are part of growing up. Usually induced by hormones and genetics. (Thanks mom and dad!) With perseverance and your trusted skin care, you’ll surely get over it in no time.  Pimples are part of growing up.

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